unicorn tea: skin + hair

unicorn tea: skin + hair

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Staying hydrated with your aquapurse is a key benefit to better skin and hair. We get it, you want better skin and longer & thicker hair, so we have concocted the ultimate tea that is a sure fire boost to assist you. Made from 11 specially selected blend of antioxidant fruits, veggies and herbs, unicorn tea is designed to cleanse, detoxify & promote wellness.

Drink it every morning and see the amazing transformation. We also recommend you make a cup,  chill in the fridge and pour into your aquapurse (make sure it's cold) each day. It also aids as an energy boost, so perfect for that gym work out or beach runs!

14 tea bags per pack.


You get 14 tea bags, one for every morning

We know what its like to feel constantly tired, have bad skin or lack lustre hair. We needed an alternative to get more antioxidants into our diet.  After months of research, testing and working with a team of health experts in Germany, we created an amazing super tea, that addresses all of these issues.  Unlike loose leaf teas, our Tea is packed into bags with the exact same % of each ingredient in each bag, ensuring your tea is working effectively each and every time.

Combining our tea, eating better and getting in some exercise we noticed a total transformation in your skin + hair and knew it was time to share our secret and release Unicorn Tea to the market. Its time for us to help You reach all Your goals and dreams, one day at a time.

INGREDIENTS:- 100% Natural
Beetroot, Peppermint, Green Tea, Moringa, Lemon Peel, Goji Berry, Turmeric, Coconut flakes, Dandelion leaves, Spirulina and Green Tea Matcha.

The consumption of this tea should be part of a varied and well balanced diet combined with exercise. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medication, seek medical advice before using this product. Use in children under 18 is not recommended. May have a laxative effect if taken excessively.  This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is for your personal consumption only.


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